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It’s short for twice-exceptional, a term often used to describe kids who are exceptional because they’re gifted and because they have learning disabilities, learning disorders, attention difficulties, or just plain learning differences. Find out more.

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Current Issue – July/August, 2016

Focus: Authentic learning for 2e students

Publishers' Letter – Read an introduction to this issue.

Improvisational Play: Social/Emotional Learning for 2e Students – How improvisational play provides 2e perfectionists with a nurturing, safe learning environment for taking risks, experiencing missteps, and developing recovery skills vital to moving beyond any challenges they may encounter (Available to subscribers)

The Talent Development Cooperative – A look at a place where 2e kids "indulge in creative thinking and admire each other for it” (Available to subscribers)

2e-Friendly School: Conservatory Prep – Another in an on-going series of profiles of schools for twice-exceptional learners (Available to subscribers)

Using the Arts to Reach Twice-exceptional Learners – The founder of Conservatory Prep explains the arts-based approach to learning used at the school – Read it.

Introduction to Social Thinking – The founder of this teaching methodology, Michelle Garcia Winner, explains its use in helping students improve their social problem solving abilities – Read it.

Dr. Sylvia Rimm. Tantrums Need Anger Management – Read it.

Bob Seney on Books: The Horse Boy — a Memoir of Healing Read it.

News – Read it.

Events Read it.

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Informative, easy-to-understand 25- to 40-page booklets. Great for expanding your own understanding of twice-exceptionality or for helping others better understand these often misunderstood kids. Two booklets also available as PDFs.



Looking for a school for your 2e child?

Check out our updated information on private schools for 2e kids, part of our listing of schools and programs for twice-exceptional children.

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Take advantage of the many free resources available on our website. You'll find 13 years' worth of columns by current and past columnists here columns that range from reviews of book for 2e readers, to technology tips to help 2e learners, to experiences shared by parents of 2e children. Browse through nearly 50 articles on a host of 2e-related topics here. And read about research-based teaching strategies that work for 2e learners here.

Research Participation Opportunity

June, 2016. The Stony Brook University Social Competence and Treatment Lab is now recruiting families to participate in a group social skills intervention study. The Long Island, New York lab, also called the Lerner Lab, seeks families with a child between 8 and 17 who has a diagnosis of ASD or for whom ASD is suspected. Social groups will take place for 1.5 hours in the lab, once per week for 10 consecutive weeks. Find out more.

2e Learners: An Annotated Bibliography

Check out this latest addition to the 2e Resources section of our website an annotated bibliographyof research and writings on the topic of twice-exceptional learners that includes resources from 2009 through 2013. We thank the FPG Child Development Institute and Mary Ruth Coleman for making this resource available to 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter.

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2e on YouTube

Have you visited our YouTube channel, Your2eTV? On March 2 of 2016 we posted our newest video, this one featuring Beverly Trail, Ed.D, author of the book Twice-Exceptional Gifted Children (from Prufrock Press). At SENG 2015, Beverly sat down with the publishers of 2e Newsletter and offered all kinds of tips for educating twice-exceptional students. We hope you find it useful. Thanks, Beverly! Find the video

You'll also find a video on "the basics" — use it to let those unfamiliar with twice-exceptionality discover what it's all about. Another video features 2e expert Susan Baum providing some basic tips to both parents and educators. And a third video features educational consultant Matthew Wanzenberg on the transition from high school to college for twice-exceptional students, and how a coach can help during that transition. And there are more videos to come in the near future.

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Tuesday, September 20. ADHD Nation, dyslexia, growth mindset, and more. See the most recent post. See all past postings.

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5 Things You Can Do to Be More Engaged in the 2e Community

We understand that whatever role you have in the 2e community (and some of you have multiple roles), you’re likely to be challenged for time. That said, we’d like to offer some ideas for ways in which we can all strengthen our community. Read more.


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