Letter from the Publishers

March, 2017

Welcome to the March issue of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter.

Our 2e children are a blend of two sets of often-conflicting characteristics, those related to their giftedness and those related to their learning disability or learning challenges. In this issue, our focus is on the former, on the gifted side of 2e.

The author of our lead article, Sharon Duncan, addresses the questions What is gifted? and Why does it matter? Psychologist Gail Post discusses the effects of failing to help gifted children develop their exceptional abilities. Also on this topic, 2e Newsletter offers recommendations for books and other resources to help you get up to speed on giftedness.

In addition, this issue features coverage of 2e-related sessions from the Illinois Association for Gifted Children Conference held in the suburbs of Chicago last month. And we profile another of a growing number of schools for twice-exceptional children, The Quad Preparatory School in New York City. Plus, as always, you’ll find our regular columns and features.

Be sure to check our website (https://goo.gl/FlKjrv) often as well as our Facebook page (https://goo.gl/NcKRek) and YouTube channel, Your2eTV (https://goo.gl/omWD6H). We’re always adding new information. And subscribers, don’t forget that you have access to 14 years’ worth of articles in our archives.

For those of you following changes — or potential changes — to education law and policy in the United States, we supply in our blog and briefing frequent pointers to articles covering those changes. Especially insofar as they affect the education system’s treatment of disabilities, the changes might well affect our 2e kiddos.

Happy Spring! (Or, to those of you Down Under, Happy Fall!)

— Linda C. Neumann and J. Mark Bade

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