What Readers Say about 2e Newsletter

  • Coordinator of gifted/talented program and gifted education professor: I find this newsletter to be an exemplary document. It is "the" resource I have long awaited.
  • Parent of 2e child: Great stuff on the website! Very good and applicable information.
  • Retired teacher: I really appreciate the quality newsletter you are publishing. I will spread the word and encourage others to subscribe and champion twice-exceptional students.
  • President of 2e advocacy group: I just finished reading the newsletter... it's wonderful.
  • Parent of 2e child: This is the most valuable information I have read since beginning to try to help my daughter 11 years ago. The fact that you have so much information and links all in one spot is invaluable!
  • Psychologist specializing in twice-exceptional children and families: Your latest 2eNewsletter is excellent and very informative.
  • Parent of a 2e child: The newsletter continues to be of the highest caliber and everyone who I talk to really looks forward to the issues.
  • Parent of a 2e child: All I can say is WOW!!!