March/April, 2017

Focus: The Gifted Side of 2e

Publishers' Letter – Read an introduction to this issue.

What Is Gifted and Why Does It Matter? – How giftedness is defined, why identifying gifted children is important, and how we can better serve the needs of the gifted. Read it.

Intelligence Denied: When Your Gifted Child’s Abilities Are Ignored What happens when gifted children go unidentified and their needs go unmet. (Available to subscribers)

Profile of Quad Prep, a 2e-focused School in New York How a school's unique models of instruction and support work to the advantage of its students. (Available to subscribers)

Resources for your Gifted Library – Useful books and other suggestions for getting up to speed on the gifted side of 2e. (Available to subscribers)

IAGC Convention Coverage, 2e-related conference sessions. Read it.

News from the 2e Center for Research and Professional Development An upcoming symposium in California features pioneers in the field of 2e. Read it.

Dr. Sylvia Rimm: How to Share Gifted ID With Child. See what Dr. Rimm advises. Read it.

News – Read it.

Events Read it.

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