The Mythology of Learning Series: Introduction

This series of articles examines common myths in education that can be detrimental to children who are twice exceptional. The authors are faculty and staff members of Bridges Academy, a school for twice-exceptional students in Studio City, California. Over the school’s 15-year history, its faculty and administrators have had the opportunity to evaluate models and practices suggested by the research of Dr. Susan Baum and other leading scholars, and they will be sharing some of what they have learned in this series.

According to Carl Sabatino, Head Of School at Bridges, “These articles will focus on commonly held views or practices related to teaching and learning. These views, while understandable, constitute part of the “mythology of learning” that the 2e community of parents and educators must address. These myths may make sense in the context of certain student populations: the neurotypical, the learning disabled, or the gifted. However, in regard to twice-exceptional students, we have found that strict adherence to these myths can be detrimental, given the uniqueness of many 2e students. They often obstruct the healthy development and the successful actualization of these students’ gifted potential.”  

The articles in this series are: