News from the Blog — Monday, July 25, 2016

In this blog we include items on giftedness, exceptionalities, parenting, education, and child development.

"FINDING DORY" RESONATING. We've read several accounts of how the "Finding Dory" sequel resonates with viewers who have "challenges." Sunday we found one by a writer with dyslexia, who shares his appreciation and his own story. From his piece: "My parents were both highly intelligent, my dad a PhD, and I had an advanced vocabulary as a result.... When the dust had settled and all the testing was complete, I was diagnosed with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. My parents were shocked and heartbroken. My father, in his fear, became distant." Find the piece

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"WHY CAN'T I be like everybody else?" Ever heard that from a twice-exceptional kiddo? A writer who has a 2e child describes in The Washington Post her son's difficulties with school. Read what teachers said (and what you might have heard yourself over the years) and read the mom's great response to her child. Find the article

WOMEN AND ADHD is the topic of an article at "Broadly." The take-off point is a description of the Better Together Festival, for women with ADHD, but the article also recounts the history of ADHD awareness for women. From the article: "there's an estimated four million girls and women who are not receiving the treatment they desperately need because no one realizes they have the disorder." Read more. Separately, an "Ask the Experts" feature at the site of Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities note that there might potentially be different brain mechanisms for ADHD in girls than in boys; find the feature

ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION IN CHILDREN is the subject of an article in the Miami Herald, which notes the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation that children be screened yearly for depression. The article offers tips for talking to a child about the conditions; a description of treatments; ;and some lifestyle changes that can help. Find the article. Separately, Healthline discusses the implications of the recent study (mentioned in previous postings here) showing that only one antidepressant is safe and effective in children. Find the article

SUMMIT CENTER. This practice that serves twice-exceptional children and their families is offering an August 30 webinar titled "Time Management Skills for Your Child." A fee applies. Find out more

CINDY HANSEN, an educational therapist, is offering a free webinar on August 11 titled "Revealing Hidden Strengths: Tips to Engage and Support Struggling Learners with Superior Abilities" -- eg, those 2e kiddos. The webinar is for advocates, educational therapists, teachers, counselors and parents. Find out more

WEINFELD EDUCATION GROUP EVENT. On September 24, the Weinfeld Education Group presents its annual "Diamonds in the Rough" conference in the Washington, D.C., area. Some of the sessions deal with college for students with learning challenges. Find out more

2e: TWICE EXCEPTIONAL, the movie, has a screening today at the New Hope, Pennsylvania Film Festival, at 6:30. Hurry on over to the festival's site to find out more

STUDY: DOGS DE-STRESS FAMILIES with kids on the spectrum, according to new research. Find out more

OCD. The Child Mind Institute offers an intensive OCD program aimed at getting beneficial results in weeks rather than months. Find out more. Separately, a new study concludes that patients with OCD are 10 times more likely to commit suicide, a figure apparently at odds with previous beliefs. Read more.

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