Events of Interest to the 2e Community

Conferences and Programs

Feb 7-10, Council for Exceptional Children 2018 Convention, Tampa, Florida. More information at

Feb 21-24, Learning Disabilities Association of America annual conference, Atlanta, Georgia. More information at

March 2-4, Annual Conference of the California Association for the Gifted, San Diego. More information at

March 8-11, COPAA’s 20th Annual Conference, Monterrey, California. More information at

March 16-18, Conference by the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children, Auckland.

April 27-29, Beyond IQ, Boston, for and about highly/profoundly gifted children.

April 29-May 1, The Wallace Research Symposium, Baltimore, Maryland.

May 10-12, Quad Prep Annual Conference "Breakthroughs in Twice-Exceptional Education," New York City.

Jul 20-22, SENG Annual Conference, San Diego, California. More information at

Nov 15-18, 65th Annual Convention of the National Association for Gifted Children, Minneapolis, Minnesota. More information (when available) at

Please note: For state association conferences relating to giftedness, see Hoagies' website. For additional conferences on learning differences, see the website of the Council for Exceptional Children.

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